2018 LEAP into Action Grant

Posted: April 23, 2018

As an institution that provides its community with educational best practices, UNG partners with the AAC&U's state consortium, as well as the national initiative Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP). LEAP is designed to provide colleges and universities with a practical framework for delivering an inclusive liberal education in a complex and diverse world.

This year, UNG's Provost and LEAP UNG invited faculty and staff to submit proposals for a grant opportunity called LEAP into Action. Jennifer Graff, LEAP Chair, describes LEAP into Action as, "a chance to supplement, update, and align assignments and projects to reflect LEAP ideas and tools, which are proven pedagogies of effecting teaching and learning." Graff and the UNG LEAP Champions hope this initiative will familiarize faculty and staff with LEAP while allowing for personal creativity an application.

Esther Morgan-Ellis, a LEAP into Action recipient, gives an example of her LEAP into Action work in this UNG Newsroom article.

For more information about LEAP into Action and a full list of the recipients, please visit the LEAP webpage.

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